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  1. Building an inclusive student experience 

(Widening access, inclusive curricula, decolonising the curriculum, alternative degree structures, delivering education to different communities, different modes of delivery, technology and technology enhanced learning, identified progress trends within HE with respect to protected characteristics) 

  1. Evidencing inclusive policies and practices 

(Ethics of equality and diversity data, engagement by different student groups, transparency with respect to issues, metrics and data, higher education charter marks and benchmarking including but not limited to Athena SWAN, Athena SWAN Ireland, the Race Equality Charter Mark, International Charters and Stonewall, data collected and used by institutions such as module evaluation responses and other student feedback, addressing bias in such data) 

  1. Developing an inclusive institutional culture 

(Supporting staff wellbeing, flexible work practices, transparency and trust in policies and procedures, institutional research cultures, valuing different roles in institutional research, inclusive practices for staff, leadership training, research into the wider role of institutional culture, interdisciplinarity, representation in decision-making, sustainability, third space, community relations) 

  1. Supporting best practice in learning, teaching, analytics and student experience

(Best practices in learning, teaching, data analytics, enhancing student experience and developing academic / transferable skills) 

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