About HEIR

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The UK and Ireland Higher Education Institutional Research (HEIR) network was established in 2008 to bring together institutional research (IR) enthusiasts and practitioners working in the UK and Ireland higher education sectors.The HEIR network believes that IR is playing an increasingly important role in enhancing learning and teaching practice and providing timely and relevant evidence to aid management decision making at all levels within UK and Irish higher education institutions.The network is coordinated by a voluntary Planning Group that focuses on supporting the network through providing networking opportunities and facilitating host institutions in organising the annual HEIR conference.

What we do

  1. To build an IR community in the UK and Ireland that can help individuals develop their knowledge and expertise and contribute to the building of capacity for IR across the sector
  2. To be a forum for discussion around contemporary issues and for sharing ideas, experiences, practices and solutions to issues and problems
  3. To inform HE policy and practice through engaging directly with policy-makers
  4. To work with other bodies to aiming to impact on HE policy and practice

Check out the Network’s website and join the mailing list www.heirnetwork.org.uk

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