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Eilidh Harris

Educational and Student Developer

Eilidh Harris

Eilidh is an Educational and Student Developer at the Centre for Educational Enhancement and Development.  Her academic background is in medieval history, and in her current role she supports students in developing their academic skills and contributes to educational and learning development projects across the university.  She works flexibly part time to facilitate childcare for her toddler. 

Gerald Prescott

Associate Dean for Education (Science)

Image of Gerald

Gerald is the current Associate Dean for Education (Science).  A Cell Biologist by training, he is an education-focussed academic who has a strong interest in using evidence to enhance the institutions approach to delivering a modern curriculum and pedagogic approach for modern scientists.  He works closely with academic and professional staff colleagues. Gerald is married to an academic at another institution and father to one daughter.  He works flexibly to support his daughter’s schooling. 

Dhani McDiarmid

Senior IT/AV Support Technician

Dhani McDiarmid

Dhani started their journey within the university as an apprentice desktop technician, gaining qualifications in IT support and cybersecurity. Dhani is currently a Senior IT/AV Support Technician and is working towards a degree in IT management for business on a part time basis. Working with professional staff and academics, Dhani and her colleagues support the university’s IT equipment and teaching environments throughout the campus. Until recently, Dhani was not aware of the contributions her role provides to university’s research and is looking forward to identifying these contributions in the future.

Ian Smith

Associate Dean for Education (Arts and Divinity)

Ian Smith

Ian is the outgoing Associate Dean for Education (Arts and Divinity). An economist by training, he leads the Vertically Integrated Projects programme which allows students at all levels to participate in an interdisciplinary research team for credit and grades. This is inclusive in that it is a research experience available to all students within the curriculum rather than restricted to senior students or an extra-curricular activity.

Jasmin Hinds

Research Fellow/Project Manager in Equalities

Jasmin is the current Research Fellow/Project Manager in Equalities at the University of St Andrews and Associate Director of the Centre for Research, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (CREDI). Having arrived from Sainsbury’s PLC, where she held a position as a HR Advisor in their Employee Relations Department, Jasmin joined the University of St Andrews’ School of Management in 2016, as a PhD student. Jasmin’s research primarily focusses on improving institutional approaches to achieving equitable outcomes for all students in UK higher education (HE), through looking at the experiences and outcomes of different socio-demographic groups, specifically Black men.

Daryl Haynes

Lecture Capture Coordinator

Daryl Haynes

Daryl is the Lecture Capture Coordinator at the University of St Andrews. As part of the technology enhanced learning team most of his time is spent supporting our academic’s and professional staff using our lecture capture system. He also works with a number of departments across the university to support the use of technology in a pedagogic environment.

Dharini Balasubramaniam

Director of Teaching in the School of Computer Science

Dharini is an academic and a former Director of Teaching in the School of Computer Science. She completed her secondary education in Sri Lanka and India, and her tertiary education in the UK. Her research interests include software architecture, uncertainty in software systems, software ethics and computer science education. She is particularly interested in facilitating student transition to higher education, promoting accessibility in higher education and teaching programming.

Jon Issberner

Senior Lecturer (Neuroscience and Neurology)

Jon Issberner

Jon is currently a Senior Lecturer (Neuroscience and Neurology) in the School of Medicine. He has previously held roles as Associate Dean of Science and Acting Dean of Science at the University, and is interested in pedagogical research training and development within and between Universities.
Jon is married to a professional who runs their own business and is father to fraternal twins.

Ken Mavor

Senior Lecturer in Psychology and Neuroscience

Ken is an academic social psychologist with educational research interests on the role of self and social identity in educational contexts. This includes: the role of social identity and peer norms on approaches to learning, assessment feedback engagement, student field of study choice, and wellbeing; identity incompatibility, procrastination and academic self-handicapping in the context of widening participation. Ken is a co-director of the Centre for Higher Education Research (CHER). His pedagogical experience includes teaching research methods, statistics and social psychology for over 25 years in Australia and the UK, including 7 years in distance education, and 5 years as an assessment specialist in medical education.  Ken comes from a land down-under, but is now very much at home in Scotland.

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